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Meg & Michael

Meg and Michael got married in March of 2021. They were my first wedding of the year! Coming off of a crazy year from Covid, I was so excited to get started doing what I love again....MAKEUP! Meg and I met on her wedding day at The Curtis Hotel. She told me about how they were supposed to get married in Ireland but covid got in the way.

Meg has bright blue eyes so I couldn't wait to get to work to make them really pop! We did neutral tones on the eyes and airbrush on her face. We then topped those eyes off with extra lashes to really open them up! All of her bridesmaids went with the airbrush foundation look as well.

With her classic chignon up do and her bright blue eyes I couldn't wait to see what she would look like in her dress! Then she brought the dress out and OMG my jaw hit the floor. I can't imagine what it would have looked like with a backdrop of an Irish castle!


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