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Wedding Day Prep For Brides and Bridal Party

Here are some tips and tricks to prepare your skin for flawless makeup application:

Prep For the Bride: Start getting facials and see a professional to shape your eyebrows 6-8 months before the wedding.

Prep for the Bride and Bridesmaids: If you plan on tanning Don’t get sunburned, it’s very hard to fix skin that is damaged. Be sure to exfoliate your skin and lips well so that your skin looks radiant not flakey. Please exfoliate your skin the night before with either a wash cloth and mild soap or a cleanser with a slight exfoliator in it. I would recommend 2 months before the wedding creating a night time routine consisting of:

1. Gentle cleanser with a Clarisonic or other cleansing brush

3. Gentle Eye cream

4. Gentle Moisturizer

Prep for Bride and Bridesmaids- Photos: Send your makeup artist a photo of yourself and your ideas for hair & make-up. Make sure that the person in the photos you send for make-up has a similar skin tone and hair color to you. If you are blonde haired and blue eyes I cannot make you look like Kim Kardashian.Also, photos on Pinterest are often photoshopped, most looks can be recreated in a realistic way that will look good at a wedding, not a night club.

Trial For the Bride: If you are going to meet with vendors before your actual wedding date try to schedule your trial when you have an event going on where photos of you will be taken so you can see how the makeup looks in photos. Try on lipsticks that you want to wear on your wedding day and start to wear them daily so that you are used to the color. Communicate: Don’t be afraid to communicate with me. I need feedback from you in order to do my best job. If you would like something different let me know so that I can be sure it’s right on the wedding day. I take notes and photos from the trial and keep it with your file so that everything is perfect and stress-free on the wedding day.

Prep for Bride and Bridesmaids- Spray Tans: Do a trial for your spray tan to make sure that you like the color and level of darkness that your spray tan technician will do. If you are not going ahead of time, ask to see before and after pictures of the product that they use on someone who has a similar skin tone.

Day Before DONT’S: Don’t be afraid to delegate so you don’t get stressed out, don’t drink too much alcohol, don’t get sunburnt, don’t forget to lightly exfoliate your skin, (but also don’t use any new products that your not familiar with) drink lots of water, get rest.

Day of: Hopefully you have taken into consideration how you want your “getting ready” photos to look. Here is some advise: Don’t tell the photographers to start taking photos of you until your make-up is done.

1. All Bridal party members should be ready 15 mins before their scheduled time of application in order to keep everything moving smoothly and on time. EVEN IF YOU GO FIRST YOUR MAKEUP WILL LAST ALL DAY! (Most common phrase from Bridesmaids that holds up the morning.. it does NOT matter what order you go in) BRIDES: I will want to do your makeup BEFORE your hair is done. Your hair can be set in curlers, but not the finished style. Your makeup will get done somewhere in the middle of the schedule and touch ups will be done after your hair is complete.

2. Wear an open neck shirt

Lashes: Even if you want a “natural look” I recommend using false lashes because they make such a huge difference in the photos.

Other Dont’s: Don’t change your skin care regiment as you get close to your wedding, Don’t do any microdermabrasion or laser skin therapies 2 months before.

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