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Jessica and David

I have known Dave for at least 8 years now and when he started dating Jessica I was so happy, but also nervous for her. Dave is a prankster and Jessica is a sweet little Cherub! There would be many times Dave would post videos of Jess screaming for her life because Dave would put a life-size Donald Trump cut out in the bathroom and scare her. Then when they were on vacation Dave proposed and of course Jess thought it was a huge joke on her because of Dave's track record! Thankfully it was real! A beautiful Diamond ring.. and the planning began!

Thennnn Covid hit.. Their wedding waste be in mid October. Everyone held out hope that it could go on as planned but alas Plan B had to be put into place. They would have an intimate ceremony and a small dinner afterwords. new date would be set for 2021 for their big reception.

The wedding venue was Notting Hill Farm out in Wales, NY. This place was BEAUTIFUL!! The girls got ready in a huge bridal suite with all planning left to Gabby at After 5 Events.

*Side note, Gabby and her husband helped with the planning of my wedding and I HIGHLY Recommend her!

Jessica's bridesmaids all opted for Airbrush makeup with lashes. Photos are by FCI Photography


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