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Jeanette & Chris

I had the absolute HONOR of doing my girlfriend Jeanette's makeup for her wedding to my husband's longtime friend Chris! Not only is Jeanette stunning with out makeup on, but her sister Nicole and mom Monica are too!

Jeanette and Chris were supposed to get married in 2020... but COVID.. Bummer. They planned on having their wedding at 500 Pearl. When I say wedding, I mean wedding.. over 200 people the whole sha-bang! Once masks were mandated and you couldn't dance unless it was in a 8ft box, they honestly thought of doing a destination wedding. I was ready to goto Florida! But Jeanette thought outside the box.

They kept their guest list under 100 people (that was the max at the time and 1 week before there was no limit) with the ceremony and dinner inside the Hotel at 500 Pearl and then we went and partied at the rooftop bar! They didn't need to hire a DJ because there was one already up at the bar. Open bar was amazing and the atmosphere was even better! We danced all night like we were out at a club! I think every wedding should have this set up!

I think the guys had a good time.. I know us girls had a blast!

Check out the photos below by Kelly Kazmierczak Photography

Me and my beautiful Friend Jeanette


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