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Alexis & Mitch

I had the absolute honor to glam my cousin Alexis and my Aunt Carolyn on Alexis' wedding day! I was there the day Lexi was born, it was only right that I had to be there for her makeup on her fairytale wedding day. The wedding was in Lexi and Mitch's hometown of Winston Salem North Carolina.

The wedding venue was spectacular with so much history literally written all over the walls. Lexi may have been born in North Carolina but she is a true buffalo sports fan! We of course danced the night away and the best photos of the night were when the SHOUT song played!

We did Airbrush makeup on both Alexis and her mom. Light lashes with pops of purples on the eyes to accompany her bridesmaids dresses concluded the look!

Congrats Alexis and Mitch! I love you both and thank you so much for making me part of your day!

Photos courtesy of Brian Anthony Photography


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