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Engagement Photos: Stephanie and Joel

First of all I am so happy to be writing this post! My younger brother Joel found his perfect soulmate and Bride to Be in Stephanie! I cannot wait for her to be my sister in law! They are getting married next year on August 10th!

A little bit about them:

Joel is an amazing musician. He is the lead in his band Paragon. He also has a recording studio where he records other musicians.

Steph is a hair stylist! Now, as a makeup artist, when I tell people that my sister in law is a hair stylist, they always say "OMG you guys are the wedding dream team"! MATCH MADE IN SISTER IN LAW HEAVEN !!

Well I haven't gotten her on board with bridal hair yet, but Steph is an amazing colorist! She is so talented! She works at Designers Edge in Williamsville if you are ever in need!

August 10th is a special day for Joel and Steph and my husband and I. Thats the date we got married as well. We had a perfect day and they will as well. Steph asked me to be her Matron of Honor and of course I was thrilled! I did make a pact to myself a few years ago that if I am in the wedding I will not be doing the makeup! I like to enjoy getting ready with everyone and after doing makeup for a full bridal party I am usually spent physically and mentally! Though I won't be doing the makeup for the wedding ( We are using my dear friend Katie Ambrose ) I was not going to not have my hand in the engagement session!

Joel and Stephanie: I love you both and am so proud of you! Cant wait for 8-10-19

Below are Photos by Jackson Zimmerman

*Photos courtesy of Jackson Zimmerman Photography

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