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Kara and Bobby

Buffalo is a wild web of how people know each other! Kara and I went to college together and she is also the sister of Mike, who works with my husband and I had the pleasure of doing his wife's makeup earlier the year before. Kara's husband Bobby owns a Bar in Buffalo called Mister Goodbar, where we used to hang out in college! Both Kara and Bobby are the sweetest ever and turns out they live a few houses down from my husband and I! Small world just became smaller.

Kara had a pretty big wedding party! I often have to hire an assistant to help with larger bridal parties and I always call Aimee Gonzalez. She assisted with the bridal party below.

Kara had Nickel City Studios as the photographer and was featured in Buffalo Indie Weddings which you can check out here .

* All photos courtesy of Nickel City Studios

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