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Alyssa & AJ

Alyssa and I had known each other in passing from working out at the same local gym. It wasn't until a bunch of girls from said gym went and took a Pole Dancing class for a fun birthday event. We had a blast! It wasn't until after the class that we were all at dinner and Alyssa mentioned she was getting married soon! I mentioned that I was a freelance Makeup Artist and didn't think anything would come of it until Alyssa sent me a Facebook message about 4 months later and said she was interested in a trial! The rest is history!

Her wedding was featured on the City Lights Studio website (I recommend looking at their site for more photos). City Lights was awesome to work with! Alyssa also had Tanesha Dupree and her assistant doing everyones hair. This was my first time working with Tanesha and I have since worked with her on a few other weddings. Ladies, if you are looking for an awesome blow out or up-do, I recommend Tanesha in a heart beat! She is a sweetheart too! Tanesha owns IDUPRETTY.

*Photo Courtesy of City Lights Studio

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